About Us

We at wedscard create new and innovative invitation cards. we will provide a wedding management system. It is a digital product so you can make changes when you want. With the use of our product, you easily send digital invitations to your guests via SMS, Whatsapp and all social media platform.

The main feature of our product is you can mark share venue location on your card and you can also share your wedding images. So, your guests can easily see images on their mobile or any other device via wedscard.

Our Story

The idea of wedscard comes when we see people can take pictures of their wedding and send them to WhatsApp and the guest can download it and see the card. People can receive many images on WhatsApp and it is very difficult to find card images on their mobile phones. So, we think about how we can solve this issue.

We can try to share a pdf file via link but it has its own limitations. And mobile browser cannot open pdf file in it. So, we can make this from scratch.