New Way To INVITE Guest.

We at wedscard provide web-based invitations to you. So, you send a digital invitation to your guest on their mobile or email.
About Us

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We at creating a web-based invitation card for events. Our designs are compatible with all devices (like mobile, PCs etc). We can integrate a map so it can use to navigate to the venue. It can use to reach your beautiful venue which is ready for your event.


Features of Wedscard

Easy To Share

With the use of our product, you can easily share and invite your loving guests.

Share Venue Location

In this web-based invition card you can share exect venue location.

Share Your Memories

With the use of this card you can share your occasion diares with your loving guests.
Reasons Why

Web Based Invition

Wedscard can create an e-invitation (web-based) card for you. Guests will receive invitations via a personalised domain.

Easy To Share

Send your card via What's app, SMS, or email. Your guests can view your invitation card on their mobile phones, laptop or any electronic device.

Share Your Event Memories

By sending your wedding photographs using this E-card. Whenever your guests wish, they can view pictures on their smartphones or laptops.